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I am glad if you like my pictures. The exhibited images can be purchased, I would be very happy to contact you.

Offers photo services


As a member of the studio community Riedhof I can offer you many services around studio photography. These can be, for example, individual portraits, passport photos or product images.

I will gladly advise you and put together a non-binding offer.


Your homepage

Present yourself and your company in the best light. Good communication with first-class images creates a basis of trust and increases the bond with your customer.

I am happy to advise you personally. Through my contacts in various areas of the development of a homepage I can offer you services from the concept to the implementation of your homepage. In my role as a photographer, I work closely with the web designer and either supply the finished image or the raw material for further processing for the presentation of the image.



Hilde Market, Modegeschäft

Polynorm AG, Software und Beratung

Photography project

In project photography, for example, I accompany a person in the workday or take pictures of a landscape over time. In this type of photography, it is not the individual "beautiful" image that is the measure but the development or change.